Debavurarea si rotunjirea muchiilor

Debavurarea si rotunjirea muchiilor dupa debitarea laser

How it works


Metal Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines with ZC configuration, combine deburring and strong edge rounding in one single machine, processing small and large parts cut mainly on laser and plasma.


The large diameter contact roller deburrs efficiently small and medium size burrs while the 2 counter rotating abrasive cross belts leave a soft edge both on the internal and external contours of the parts.


Now, DM ZC – Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines are available in 3 working widths (660, 1100 and 1350mm) being able to better suit each company production range. Since the 2 stations have an independent construction, these machines enable the work with 1 station only as well. Making a soft edge on burr free laser or punched cut parts or supplying a linear finish on metal sheets is possible with any of these versions.


Metal Deburring and edge rounding of small parts down to 50x50mm is one of the big strengths of this machine. More, this line of equipment can be fitted with metal parts return systems and support roller tables increasing productivity both on small and large parts processing (available from NS Máquinas). The integration with these devices is made easier due to the fixed conveyor belt working height design.


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